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WEB Developer (PHP, RoR, Javascript, HTML5)

Hello, I am Web Developer and I create all kind of web applications. For website designing and programing I use the most powerfull and known in world web developemt: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS. Programing languages listed here and used together are able to handle each application in Web Development/Design.
What do I do as PHP/RoR Freelance:
Website design and creation, web/online shop creation, any kind of portal, advert websites
mini html5 games creation
 create Facebook’s application
– parsers, webserwices, creation of back offices (getting sources from external source)
– using other Webservices (connecting with external source)
Programming languages:
PHP (Cakephp, Symfony2, Codeigniter, Kohana), Ruby On Rails, Javascript (all kind of librares), CSS(3), HTML5, Database (MySQL, PostgeSQL, MongoDB)
How do I work:
Discussion -> Idea -> Implemention -> Tests/Debuging -> Deliver -> Application Service
Knwoledge and skills are supported by many big projests and last cooperation with Playsoft company gave me opportunity to work in international environment. At Playsoft I could also get knowlege about newest technologis and the most powerfull solutions which I am using while working on each of present projects as PHP/RoR Freelace .
Fell free to ask any question

  • Birthdate : 02/02/1985
  • Phone : +48 732 247 088
  • Email : jacek@swedrowski.eu
  • Jacek Swędrowski FREELANCE - Web Developer : http://www.swedrowski.eu
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/swedrowski.eu
  • Address : 62-500 Konin (Poland), Czyżykowa 3 street

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WEBSITE Creation

I can create for you any website, blog, eShop or any web application. Website based on CMS like WordPress or any other solution is something I can create for you.

Online shop

Creating an online shops

SOCIAL (Facebook, Twitter,..)

Social services have started new section in comunication marketing and give opportunity to intereaction betwen comapy and client .I will help you choose right tools and use them.

Inexpesive websites

Need an inexpensive website shortly?


HTML5 mobile application is something I can create for you. If more resolutions or simple Responsive design is what you need then lets work with me.


Need Back office or WEBSERVICE? Backend of website or mobile application? I can create Webservice which connect any application with any database. REST is what you need!


Czyżykowa 3, 62-500 Konin, Poland
email: jacek@swedrowski.eu

skype: swedrowski.eu
+48 732 247 088

( monday – friday 10 am – 4 pm )

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